The Growing Online Lottery Industry

Online Lottery

The online lottery industry is still very young, but it’s grown a lot in recent years. It has expanded thanks to the convenience that comes with being able to buy tickets anywhere. Online lotteries can be played on mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers. Some sites are optimized for mobile use, while others can be accessed using any web browser.

Lottery retailers have to undergo a rigorous vetting process before they can sell tickets, because there are always scammers trying to take advantage of the public’s obsession with winning big. Retailers must pass a criminal background check and post a substantial bond before they’re allowed to sell tickets, which helps keep them from awarding fake prizes. But it’s much harder to control lottery sales online, where scammers can operate without anyone knowing.

The earliest legal online lotteries launched in 2014. But they have been slower to expand than other types of gambling. Many states don’t want to lose the tax revenue that comes from people who go to a gas station or convenience store and buy a lottery ticket. Others are worried about preventing fraud, especially when the ticket is sold to minors. And finally, there’s the issue of how to manage the huge prizes that can be won with these games. To address these concerns, a number of states have enacted laws that limit the size of jackpots and require a percentage of the proceeds to be awarded to charities.